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Foreign Recruitment Process:
1) Analysis of Need
2) Candidate Selection and Matching Process
3) Immigration Process
4) Nurse Retention Strategy

3.) Immigration Process
Once the contract agreement is signed, Akamai will work and coordinate with the hospital, nurse and INS and take over the needed documentation for immigration and facilitate the arrival of the nurse to the United States. Our immigration attorneys will make sure that the hospital and nurse comply with all the legal requirements to ensure seamless transition to the United States.

We will be the gatekeepers providing administrative support to the lawyers. Akamai's international team will handle all inquiries from the hospital and nurses relating to immigration.

Once immigration VISA is issued by the US Consulate, Akamai will inform the hospital of the nurses' future arrival. We will confirm the first day of work and arrange travel and temporary housing and orientation for the first few weeks in the United States.

4.) Nurse Retention Strategy

Our commitment does not end with the arrival of the nurses to the United States. Cultural competency is becoming increasingly more important as thousands of nurses come to the United States each year. Because of widely differing health practices, values, beliefs, and traditions, there might be initial difficulty adjusting to the work and the new life in the United States. We will continue to provide assistance to our client hospital wanting to value, manage, and capitalize on their workforce diversity to promote and maintain a robust nursing pipeline.


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