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Foreign Recruitment Process:
1) Analysis of Need
2) Candidate Selection and Matching Process
3) Immigration Process
4) Nurse Retention Strategy

Akamai Healthcare recruits highly qualified nurses from the Philippines, Middle East and Europe with at least two years experience for employment in the United States. We will work closely with our hospital clients every step of the way to make this foreign recruiting process a pleasant seamless experience.

1.) Analysis of Need

Akamai Healthcare will meet with the hospital team to discuss and identify the positions that need to be filled. We will then work closely with the clinical team of the hospital to establish the basic qualification of each position and further identify the unique skills and level of experience unique for each position. We will then attempt to match these positions with our existing database and if need be with the database of our networking partners.

After identifying the needs of the hospital, Akamai will then develop strategic plans to recruit the targeted candidates in the Philippines, the Middle East and Europe. We will run newspaper ads and conduct job fairs and interviews, as needed depending on the scope of the enterprise.

These job fairs and interviews will then be an appropriate forum to educate these candidate nurses about the hiring healthcare institution, the benefits and educational experiences and financial advantages of working in the US.

We will work closely with our business partners, the hospital institutions and help them achieve their targets. By working closely with their clinical teams and leveraging our technology tools, we are sure that these healthcare institutions are positioned to find the most qualified nurse to fill their nursing needs.

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