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Why Hospitals Choose to Work with Us

Akamai Healthcare being owned and operated by physicians, is well aware of the current and projected problems facing the healthcare industry as a result of the nursing shortage in the United States. While marketing and advertising in newspapers and other medium may result in some leads such investments do not guarantee hire due to lack of supply of qualified nurses.

Akamai Healthcare provides an alternative and that is recruitment of foreign nurses overseas like the Philippines.

Here are good reasons why healthcare facilities choose to work with Akamai Healthcare

  1. We are a US based staffing and recruiting company with extensive partnerships in the Philippines, Middle East and Europe. We have an extensive database of nurses to choose from.

  2. We recruit registered nurses with 4 year baccalaureate degrees (equivalent to BSN degree in the US) and with a minimum of 2 -5 years work experience.

  3. We require our nurse candidates to sign a 2-3 year contract.

  4. We work closely hand in glove with our hospital partners every step of the way in this recruitment venture. We strive to make this enterprise painless and seamless so that it becomes a pleasant experience for both parties. We schedule personal interviews between hospital and nurses, arrange for travel and hotel accommodations. And if not possible, arrange for phone or video interview with candidates as needed.

5. We select and thoroughly screen our nurses. We review and train them for their licensing exam. We provide educational assistance to maximize the rate of success in passing this licensure exam. We provide review materials and in some cases, reimburse them for their Kaplan review courses.

6. We provide assistance through all steps of the VISA procurement process.

7. Our fees are affordable. It is based on a package solution that covers all of the cost related to the recruitment process.


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